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Plan for the Known.
Prepare for the Unknown.

Feel Confident Before, During & After Life Transitions

Whether you saw it coming or are caught off-guard, a life transition can be disruptive. It  may leave you feeling anxious and uncertain about what comes next. The biggest overarching question is "Am I prepared?" - not only emotionally but also financially.

Whatever the transition you’re facing, proactively addressing the tough questions with a financial planner can help you be financially prepared for life’s uncertainties. Our team of fiduciaries has years of experience looking out for clients like you and will help you navigate through these transitions, and any financial implications, with clarity and confidence.

And we won’t do it alone. We work with other professionals , such as attorneys, CPAs, and mortgage lenders, so that you have a comprehensive plan of action to guide you forward.

The Social Readjustment Scale

From the 1960s through the 1990s, scientists developed and refined the Social Readjustment Scale, a method of rating how stressful people feel during various life events. Can you relate?

Most People Find Major Life Events to Be:

  • Confusing & Complex
  • High-Stakes
  • High-Pressure

When under stress, you’re less able to assimilate information and solve problems, so making levelheaded decisions becomes more difficult. This can lead to making poor or rash decisions you later regret.

That’s where we come in.

Here is what you can expect from our True Wealth Process - our mission is to help you be prepared before big life events happen so you have less stress during the event and feel financially confident afterwards. 

Read our guide on Navigating Life Transitions With Financial Clarity 

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